“I am always looking for new ways to create an environment where the pupils can grow and enjoy school more, thankfully I have some great staff to help me”

Polly Ross - Head of Primary

Welcome to Castle Newnham School

Castle Newnham School brings together Castle Lower and Newnham Middle School as part of  the Castle Newnham Federation to provide all through schooling in the heart of Bedford.

As the schools come together under Mrs Wilkes, Federation Principal you can find out about our current provision for children from Nursery to Year 4 here or please visit our Newnham Website for our current education provision from Year 5. There will be an open evening for parents whose children will be moving from year 4 to 5 at the Polhill site on Thursday 20 October 2016. More details to follow!

This website offers you information about Castle Newnham School, (Goldington Road site) whether you are a parent or a visitor. The website is updated regularly and information on the progress of school activities and future plans can be found here. We welcome visits should you wish to see the school in action. You can keep up to date via our newsletter in the News area of the website or by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

This school is in the heart of the vibrant Castle Ward community where parents, pupils, staff, governors and the wider community work in partnership to create an enriching and stimulating environment in which pupils thrive.

Over the years, this partnership has created something very special. Parents, staff and pupils feel rightfully proud of Castle Newnham (Goldington Road site), not only for its successive outstanding Ofsted rating, but for the supportive, nurturing and inspiring environment in which pupils grow into confident and successful individuals who are engaged in their learning and excited about their future.

If you are new to the school, these are some of the features we would want to emphasise:

-Castle Newnham pupils are known, nurtured and celebrated as individuals.
-They are engaged and stimulated within a truly immersive curriculum that endeavours to provide the best possible education for each child.
-Within this curriculum, learning is personalised and pupils are encouraged to reflect on their successes and aspirations for the future.
-Pupils  are happy, lively and confident individuals.
-Diversity is celebrated within a fully inclusive environment where pupils have an intrinsic empathy with fellow learners.

As a parent/carer there are many ways you can get involved with the school from volunteering to help within classrooms and school visits, to helping at events run by our amazing PTA you can find out more about the PTA on the school website or email PTAwillinghelpers@live.com

We value community. Castle Newnham School works in collaboration with other local schools and governors, and from the 1st January 2016 as part of the Castle Newnham Federation with  Hazeldene School,  we are committed to allowing pupils to have a seamless transition and outstanding experience throughout their future education – and provide parents with secure progression pathways for their children. Information on this proposal can be found in the Federation area of the website.

Best wishes,
Mrs P Ross
Head of Primary – Goldington Site
Castle Newnham School